Four Poems

By Ana.C

zero sadness

little kids that walk around looking down
not because they have low self-esteem but
because they’re looking at their cool shoes
light up and or sparkle

bunch of sadness

i walk around looking down and
maybe it’s because i have low self-esteem but
sometimes it’s because the pavement is
unknown and i worry about falling down

and then i fall down anyway

disney princess

everything seems very romantic
but also fucked

so please
stop it



hump-day adams

can i be wednesday
can i be goth
can i grow a big forehead
can i rest my head on my hands
and hide under a chair
can i be your mexican goth lady
i take that back
can i be yours
i take that back
can i be mine but can you
lick my forehead just because
i can’t lick my own forehead

i wish i was a contortionist


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